Training Program Overview | FYR: Hannah Eden’s 30 Day Fitness Plan

Hannah Edens 30-day fitness plan is structured around follow-along workouts that are all 30 minutes or less, start to finish. Once Hannah gets you going, there’s no escape!
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| 5 Follow-Along, 30-Minute Workouts Per Week |
Hannah Eden’s training style simply must be experienced in real time. That’s why this program is structured around follow-along workouts that are all 30 minutes or less, start to finish. Once Hannah gets you going, there’s no escape!

| Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced Training |
Scale workouts to your abilities. Each workout features three models demonstrating three different levels of each move. Because the workouts are time-based, you can also scale your effort and rest as needed. Think you’re a badass? Try to keep up with Hannah!

| Fun, Challenging Workouts |
Build crazy fitness and burn crazy fat. You don’t need much equipment to perform these workouts: Just a couple of dumbbells, a pair of kettlebells, a mat, and an iron will. But with Hannah’s electric personality, each workout is unique, fast-paced, and fun as hell!

| Nutrition Guide and Meal Plan |
Macronutrient breakdown and sample eating days.
Hannah’s take-no-prisoners approach demands that you learn to eat for performance. We’ll show you how! With a little timing, a focus on quality, and a couple of staple supps, you’ll rise to the challenge of each workout!

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