Best Post Workout Meal for Hardgainers/Ectomorphs – Gain Weight Fast

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Here is my take on proper post workout nutrition. I like to avoid fats when spiking my insulin levels to avoid slow absorption as well as fat storage. I also like to include some sort of green vegetable in order to keep by body in an alkaline state while avoiding staying or becoming acidic. The simple carbs in this post workout meal are meant for avoiding catabolism and muscle wastage. Spiking your insulin levels during your post workout meal is crucial for keeping your body in a growing state.

Best Post Workout Meal for Hardgainers

Bodyweight (x) .25 = Grams of protein
Bodyweight (x) .3 = Grams of carbs (50% simple, 50% complex)
1 cup of greens

Post workout meal example:
1/2 banana
1/2 cup oatmeal
1 scoop whey protein
1 cup spinach

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