The Best Way To Get Toned If You Can’t Afford A Personal Trainer

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The Best Way To Get Toned If You Can’t Afford A Personal Trainer

PT budget finally run out?

Victoria Joy |

Your personal trainer budget has finally run out… So what’s the best way to get toned without one?


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A study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found gym-goers who worked with a PT increased more lean body mass and chest-press strength than those who exercised solo for the same period. Try telling your bank statement that.

So, what’s the next best way to get toned?

Switch to online workout sessions. Making slight changes to your workout each time, rather than every 30 days or six weeks, delivers greater strength gains and will nix gym fatigue.

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Stay-slim tip

Snooping on your friends’ workout habits on Insta can fire up your competitive desire to attempt to beat their run distance, suggests a study published in the journal Nature Communications. Happily, it turns out that exercise is contagious.

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Let’s talk about… Friends with benefits

A study in Preventive Medicine found participants who were part of an online network of health buddies worked out about twice as much as those who didn’t receive live updates about the fitness activities of their peers. So yes, those annoying, smug workout posts on Insta just might have an upside.

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